“Greg Foat takes jazz to places where genres cease to matter and the music soars for the sake of it.”

Ian Rankin, author

Portrait of Greg Foat

Greg Foat is one of the UK’s leading jazz pianists, composers and music producers.

Greg’s worked with a diverse selection of musicians, including Bob Lind, Moses Boyd, Curtis Lundy, Rita Ora, Wendy James, Questlove and The Kooks. In recent years he’s recorded for Jazzman Records, Athens Of The North and Strut.

Dive into Greg Foat’s latest album, a fusion of Analog Electronic Sci-Fi Library Grooves inspired by the 70s and 80s Sonoton catalogue. Featuring Ayo Salawu’s dynamic drums and Foat’s vintage synthesizers. Available on Blue Crystal Records.

Upcoming gigs

July 24, 2024
St Alkmunds Church



United Kingdom

August 11, 2024
Hosoi Festival w/ Gigi Masin



United Kingdom

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August 17, 2024
Piz Palu Festival



United Kingdom

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September 6, 2024
Jazz Cafe w/ Ayo Salawu & Joe Armon-Jones



United Kingdom


Live at Villa Maximus, Mykonos

Fat synth bass lines, psychedelic guitar, hypnotic bass clarinet, mystical flute and killer drums — release April 19th 2024 on Blue Crystal Records
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Sunset Part 2

Live at Can Rudayla, Ibiza, February 2024

Greg Foat – Synthesisers (Moog Matriarch, Kawai K1R
Sasha Galperin – Electric Guitar/Bass
Ash Robinson – Drum Machine (TR9)

Door Into Summer

Performed by Greg Foat & DR Big Band
Conductor: Miho Hazama

Recorded in DR Koncerthuset, Copenhagen, March 2022



Greg Foat at his keyboards

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